Secondary School Haunting May Not Be As Real As It Seems

It seems like every day there’s a new paranormal video waiting to go viral.

Whether it’s an old, abandoned hospital, or a suburban family’s house, the spirits just seem to be out in full force. And since it’s Halloween, it’s important to know that everything you see isn’t always what it seems. And while most haunted clips are less fact than fiction, a secondary school in Cork, Ireland, claimed that their latest closed-circuit television footage was in fact the real deal.

The Deerpark Christian Brothers School uploadedsecurity camera footage from their school that have many believing the school grounds are haunted. In the video, a “ghost” appears to be opening and closing doors. The now-viral video has been picked up by a variety of news outlets and has been viewed more than 12 million times in just a few weeks.

Speaking to the authenticity of the video clip, Aaron Wolfe, the school’s deputy principal spoke to TODAY and confirmed that he had no idea how the video’s content had occurred and that the school lacked the resources for large-scale green screen and editing techniques. Check out the video for yourself.