Man Surprises His Girlfriend With A Puppy For Her 23rd Birthday

Losing a pet is always hard.

Even when they’ve lived a full life of happiness, putting a best friend to rest is painful and difficult. Some people aren’t ready to welcome a new furry friend into their home after a pet’s death, but others immediately want to give that love to a new animal who needs it. Grief works differently for everyone, and neither way is wrong.

When one guy realized his girlfriend was the kind of person who wanted to open her life to a new dog again after a loss, he planned the perfect surprise.

He puts the cutie in a laundry basket to drive over for his girlfriend’s 23rd birthday.

When he arrives, she and her mom know something is up immediately.

And finally, these two meet for the first time! Aww!

Watch the whole thing below, courtesy of The Dodo! This is too cute for words.