Ivy League Graduate Shares Inspiring Story Of How He Put Himself Through College

While most of us can agree that everyone should be able to go to college, many simply cannot afford it.

For some, the thought of crushing debt after graduation is enough to deter them from chasing their dreams and getting a degree altogether — that is, if they’re able to qualify for student loans in the first place. However, one young man’s story of putting himself through college proves that although paying for school can be incredibly difficult, it can be done with hard work and determination.

Shannon Satonori Lytle doesn’t come from wealth and had no money saved up for college, but he knew that he’d do anything to be the first graduate in his family, so he made it happen. And he didn’t go just anywhere. This dedicated graduate went to Harvard.

Read Shannon’s story as he tells it below, and get ready to be seriously inspired by how he made his dream into a reality.

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