Australian School Tells Mom Raisins Are Unacceptable For Her Daughter’s Lunch

If given the choice, it’s pretty safe to say that most parents would choose fruit over junk food for their kids to snack on.

However, one school in Australia doesn’t exactly agree. After a mom recently packed some dried fruit into her daughter’s lunch, she was baffled when she received a letter from the school stating that it violated their “healthy eating policy” and deemed it unacceptable.

The school sent the note on the same day that the mom had included sultanas, a type of raisin, in her little girl’s lunch.

What’s interesting is that although the school listed dried fruit as an acceptable snack, sultanas were apparently not included.

The mom was understandably confused about the logic behind the note. “This must be a joke? Of course they are high in sugar they are fruit,” she said.

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