Golden Retriever Lies Down And Refuses To Move While Listening To Musician

If you have a dog, you’ve probably noticed that they really look like they’re enjoying themselves whenever you play music.

Well, it’s true! Research has shown that not only do dogs like listening to music, but they actually have preferences for different types! Their favorite even seems to be classical, as it has a calming effect on them. If you don’t believe me, just watch this hilarious pooch refusing to move until he’s done listening to a musician’s performance.

The golden retriever was out on a walk with his owner in Barcelona, Spain, when he stopped to get an earful of the classical piece and just couldn’t bring himself to leave. He even plopped down in defiance when his owner tried to pull him away!

You’ve got good taste, buddy.

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This little guy’s dedication to his favorite genre is seriously adorable. Be sure to share this funny video with all the dog parents you know who love playing music for their furry friends!

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