Sphynx Cat Neglected By Its Breeder Loses An Eye And Finds A New Home (And BFF)

Sphynx cats are totally adorable, so it makes sense that people breed them.

It’s important to make sure that breeders are responsible, however. Stitch the cat was born to a Sphynx breeder who noticed her eye infection but didn’t take her to the vet.

That’s when Phoebe Gill saw a picture of the neglected kitty and knew she had to step in and make her part of the family.

Stitch’s eye infection was left untreated for so long that when she was finally surrendered, vets concluded they needed to remove it.

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Even with her disability, Gill “fell in love” with Stitch and brought her home immediately.

There was one problem. Gill was concerned about how her dog would react to the new feline friend in the house.

It turned out that she didn’t have to worry at all! Alaska, her pup, accepted Stitch immediately.

Now, the two are inseparable. Gill reports that they follow her around the house everywhere.

She’s even letting others get a glimpse at their antics via their very own Instagram page.

You can also follow these besties on Facebook.

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Stitch has an amazing and loving home, and it sounds like Alaska was just waiting to welcome a new BFF. Share their adorableness with the animal lovers you know!

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