Canadian Parents Who Refused To Treat Their Diabetic Son Sentenced To Life In Prison

Type-1 diabetes is a serious illness that often shows up in early childhood.

Unlike Type-2 diabetes, which is often associated with weight, Type-1 is genetic. It’s a lifelong struggle, but Type-1 diabetics mostly live happy and healthy lives thanks to medication and management tools provided by doctors.

One young boy, 15-year-old Alexandru Radita, tragically died from complications of Type-1 diabetes after his parents believed prayer would heal him and didn’t seek any medical treatment.

Alexandru was hospitalized several times in his short life, and despite all his symptoms, parents Emil and Rodica chose not to believe he had diabetes at all.

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Tragically, he only weighed 37 pounds when he died of starvation. His parents insisted to friends that he had been “brought back to life by God,” but that was not the case.

At trial, the Raditas appeared not to show any emotion about their son’s death, and they were convicted of first-degree murder.

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