International Delicacies That Most Americans Would Think Are Nasty

If we didn’t interact with people from other cultures, we would miss out on a lot of the amazing food that the world has to offer.

From Mexican to Chinese to Ethiopian, we Americans sure have a ton of delicious cuisine options. There are some foreign delicacies that are just a little too out there for most of us, though. We’ve gathered some of the craziest dishes below, but be warned, they are not for the faint of stomach!

1. Smalahove is boiled sheep’s head from Norway.

2. Wasp crackers are a delicacy in Japan.

3. Balut is soft-boiled fetal duck, and it can be found at street carts in Vietnam and the Philippines.

4. Haggis doesn’t look too bad, but the Scottish meal is made of heart, liver, and lung.

5. Escamoles are ant larvae harvested from the roots of plants in Mexico.

6. Surströmming is canned and fermented Baltic herring from Sweden. Its odor is so strong that people who smell it often vomit.

7. Nutria, or river rats, are rodents commonly eaten around the world. They are an invasive species that destroy plants and ecosystems anywhere except their native South America.

8. Bull testicles, casually known as Rocky Mountain oysters, are a delicacy dating back to the days of cowboys and can still be found on menus in Colorado.

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9. Guinea pigs are pets in the U.S., but cuy, as they’re called in South America, are eaten in Ecuador, Bolivia, and parts of Peru.

10. Shirako is made from the milt, or seminal fluid, of fish. It has a custard-like texture and is prepared in Japan.

11. Chapulines, or fried grasshoppers, are eaten with many different meals in Mexico.

12. Sago worms are eaten raw or fried in regions of Southeast Asia.

13. Yak penis is enjoyed in China and is said to treat impotency in men and clear up women’s skin.

14. Steeped snake wine is rice wine that shares a bottle with the body of a venomous snake, and it can be found in many Asian countries. Because the alcohol content is high, the venom will not hurt you.

15. Hakarl is cured rotted meat from the body of a Greenland shark or basking shark and is an Icelandic delicacy.

16. Casu marzu is an Italian sheep’s cheese that rots inside a pecorino rind.

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17. Fried tarantula is very popular in Cambodian street markets.

(via The Daily Meal)

I don’t know if I have the stomach to be a world traveler! Share these interesting dishes with your friends, and let us know in the comments if you’d be willing to try any of them.

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