The Cat Rapper’s Pure Love For Cats Will Make Your Whole Life Better

I have always loved cats, and the second I moved into my own place, I adopted one.

Now I have two beautiful kitties and they are the absolute best. There’s a reason the Internet loves cat videos — our feline friends have a unique ability to make us smile.

Dwayne Molock, aka The Cat Rapper, is someone who takes his love for his kitties to a whole new level. His social media accounts are full of incredibly genuine appreciation for cats and those who love them, and his raps about his own cat adventures are the best thing I’ve ever heard.

Here’s Molock with two of his four feline friends hanging out at home. He never misses the opportunity to tell his fans how much he loves them.

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From left to right, his cats’ names are Tali, MegaMam, Ravioli, and Sushi.

The Portland-based rapper loves to dress his Sphynx cats up in incredible outfits that show off a real sense of style.

He’s been rapping about his love of cats for years, and his positive attitude is something we can all use more of in our lives.

Most people think rappers are tough guys, but his enthusiasm is full of heart and a lot of laughter.

Right now, a video of The Cat Rapper giving Ravioli a bath is taking the world by storm, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is the video hilarious, his rhymes are on point.