17 Magical Photos Taken In The Lapland Region Of Finland During Winter

If you thought the North Pole was the ultimate winter wonderland, then you clearly aren’t familiar with Lapland.

If you happened to see this beautiful region of Finland during the cold months, you might wonder if Santa himself calls it home. After all, its snowy landscapes have a magic quality about them, you can see the amazing northern lights there, and the place has reindeer, too!

These 17 stunning photos of Lapland show why it’s such an amazing place to visit in the winter.

1. It doesn’t get much more majestic than this.

2. City lights make Lapland even more beautiful as the sun goes down.

3. You’d probably expect to run into mythical creatures in this area.

4. This looks like the road to Santa’s workshop.

5. The northern lights are an absolutely gorgeous sight.

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6. There are plenty of friendly reindeer to be found here.

7. They’ll even take you on sleigh rides!

8. The woods are nothing less than magical.

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9. Just imagine walking out onto your porch and seeing this every morning.

10. Isn’t this view incredible?

11. Dog sledding, anyone?

12. Lapland is also one of the most breathtaking places to take a ride down the slopes.

13. And it’s probably the best place to sit around a campfire.

14. You can even spend your night in an igloo and stare up at the starry sky.

15. Or just simply enjoy watching the sun rise.

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16. I’m sure it’d be hard for anyone to leave.

17. Because it’s basically heaven on earth, just a little colder.

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Okay, I seriously need to be in Lapland right now — who’s with me? Share these gorgeous photos with others so they can see how amazing this wintry place is!


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