How To Make Bacon And Rainbow Cauliflower For Your Holiday Dinner

I love traditional holiday foods like glazed ham and mashed potatoes, but after seeing this delicious bacon and rainbow cauliflower dish, I’m definitely adding it to my Christmas menu.

Contrary to popular belief, orange and purple cauliflower is not dyed. The purple variety grows naturally in the wild, and gets its color from anthocyanin, the same antioxidant that colors red wine and purple cabbage. Orange cauliflower, on the other hand, comes from an excess presence of vitamin A in the vegetable.

While purple cauliflower tastes a bit nutty and orange has a slightly sweet flavor, it’s a subtle difference from the white variety. Tri-colored cauliflower is available at your local farmer’s market and online at GrubMarket.

See below on how to cook it and keep scrolling for a coupon code for money off at GrubMarket!

Everything is better with bacon, but when paired with tri-colored cauliflower, the result is delicious and beautiful! It definitely deserves a place of honor at your holiday table.