Redditor Builds Secret Bookcase Door For Master Bedroom

Having a nursery attached to your master bedroom can be both a hassle and a relief to first-time parents. Sure, you’re never far away if your baby needs you in the middle of the night, but with connecting rooms, getting a good night’s sleep quickly becomes a foreign concept.

Finding a solution to this problem, Redditor groov99 and his wife decided to build a set of doors that would close off the nursery when necessary to give them a little privacy. But these first-time parents didn’t want a normal set of doors. To get more than one function out of their DIY project, they set out to install secret bookcase doors that would help give them privacy and additional storage in their bedroom.

They began by mapping out the mechanics of the project on graph paper.

Eventually, they discovered that making a mockup of the project in a digital program gave them a better feel for the design.

The couple purchased two sheets of 3/4-inch fiberboard and had them cut to size right there in the store.

Before assembling the doors, they built a test model to ensure that everything would operate as planned.

In no time at all, the first door was assembled!

Once both shelves were complete, trim board was added to all sides except for the tops of both units.

You can never be too careful, so our builders decided to test the units first before proceeding any further.

After the test fit, some minor corrections needed to be made. Nothing a little bit of sanding couldn’t fix!

To help guide the swinging doors, a wheel was attached to the bottom of each one.

Here’s an image of the final test run before painting.

Then the units got a nice makeover.

Everything was then screwed into place.

How beautiful is that? This would be great for any book lover, really.

I might have to try this. Who’s with me? For full DIY instructions, check this out.

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